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Josh Christensen
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Tyanna’s work got me really interested in how print can be pushed. Printmaking has a large stigma behind in which things must be done a very precise way. I was inspired by how Tyanna bends the rules. I decided to approach this piece in a much different manner than my normal practice. I had no set composition in mind and allowed myself to work more fluidly than how I normally work. I decided to work with cardboard because of it’s simpleness. Normally in printmaking works on expensive paper and strives for perfection. Instead I decided to use cheap materials and allow them to become distressed. Through this method of working I discovered how I could engage multiple spaces and create an experience for the viewer. None of these realizations would have arisen if I had stayed within the traditional realms of printmaking.

Joshua Christensen "Naive" 2013. Cardboard and Paper approx. 35"x 80".

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