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Jason Yi's Terraform was my main source of inspiration for "Questions, Comments and Concerns." The ambiguity of the form and interruption on space were two elements I was focused on as I ventured into this piece. When Jason spoke he mentioned how originally Terraform's intersections were to be constructed with chairs forming the inner structure and the duct tape holding it together as a "skin". I decided to take the structure of the chair and the contexts that can be implied by there setups as a very exciting direction to explore. The therapy circle format developed as I create each piece and its emphasis on a different role in the conversation. I took time diagnosing the different ailments each piece was bringing to the encircling conversation and how others would react to each individual personality. The inspiration of the forms develop from words that have been abstracted from my many layered process, mincing the layers that filter conversations. Especially in the context of a therapy circle there is a awkward juxtaposition to opening up the intimate self to a group of strangers and fighting the urge to hiding behind the problem. In many ways I see Yi's form sharing a similar conversation pushing the ideas of inter structure and skin, yet where he deters interaction, I invite it.              

Jason Yi
Terraform O1, 2013
wood,duct tape


Christina Sutton 
Questions, Comments, and Concerns, 2013
foam, cheesecloth, plaster,acrylic paint   


View the ePortfolio of Christina Sutton

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