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Cassie Rogala
Unearned, 2013
Paper, metal pins

Cassandra and Jessica address the struggle of how humans define themselves and within that definition how they find meaning and self worth. Through their instillation of large scale icons of medals and medallions the viewers recognize something small and significant, but the scale is blown out of proportion. The artists discuss the meaning found in objects and how people cherish and idolize these objects, specifically in their piece Circumstantial, medals and medallions. Through the conversation with the artists I began analyzing what objects I memorialize or wish to obtain. Due to the medallion-shaped instillation pieces my concepts began to form around the idolization of medals of Honor, or icons that were affiliated with service to the country. Cassandra and Jessica acknowledge the worth people put into these icons and it led me to wondering of how I could obtain this status symbol. I was reminded of experiences in thrift stores in where I could purchase military pins for a small price, resulting in the buyer of the pin obtaining the physical status symbol without having gone through the emotional, mental, or physical pain of the process. The four framed receipts represent the act of purchasing someone else’s status symbol. The four pins themselves serve as a tangible representations, allowing viewers to fully engage in the concept of unearned self worth. 

*(All pins are on loan from Toni's Horaders World.)

Cassandra Smith & Jessica Steeber
Circumstantial, 2013
Mixed media

View the ePortfolio of Cassie Rogala

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