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Artist: Evan Gruzis, American, b. 1979

Title: Heterodynamic Rinzai Technocracy 2013

Medium: Acrylic paint, inks and spray paint on canvas

Size: 64 x 48 inches

CTIII Student Inspired Work

Artist: Alexandria Block, American, b. 1991

Title: Vibration, 2013

Medium: India Ink on glass

Size: 18 x 24 inches


Evan's Heterodynamic piece inspired me to make my own work. Evan's work is inspired by his time growing up in the 80's and the aesthetics of it. This work in particular is about dark future or dark techno. With Evan's ideas I though about the aesthetics of my time growing up in the 90's and always being influenced by all the new stuff that was going around me at that time. There where certain things that I remember like all of the popular toys, t.v. shows, movies, games, music, and technology (VHS tapes and big cell phones). This piece that I made for the CTIII Exhibition is about the music in the 90's and how my sister inspired me. I looked up to my oldest sister and I wanted to be just like her. I would always hear her listening to really poppy techno club music and I remember really enjoying the beats of the songs. My sister would always tell me that's the kind of music they would play at the clubs that she attended and I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and that I would do the same thing when I got older. Now that I'm 22 I still enjoy techno club music but I don't even go out to the clubs. I enjoy going to concerts and feeling the vibrations of the speakers blasting. Even when I'm in my studio creating work I blast my subwoffers and feel the vibrations go through me. This piece is showing the vibrations that I enjoy so much. Music was an inspiration when I was young and still exists in me today as a fine artist.

View the ePortfolio of Alexandria Block

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